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This community is still under construction, but feel free to test it out and leave feedback for the site admin! What is our goal here?

There's already Instagram and various other social media for connecting with other carnivores and sharing your stories and meal ideas. While you can certainly connect with other carnivores here, the intent is to develop a central information exchange; a place where we can find links to organized resources, information, research, guides, and literature all in one central place. To be somewhere you can point your loved ones to when they don't understand. To discuss with your care practitioners. To arm yourself with knowledge for discussion about your diet. To be an introduction to the carnivore world with those who are pessimistic or unfamiliar. To be a welcoming and inclusive place for all carnivores to exchange ideas and information.


Disclaimer: This site is a tool and claims no ownership of any information found within. Any information cited or linked to on this site is the intellectual property of its respective copyright holder. This site or any of its content or resources do not constitute medical advice - please seek council of licensed doctors and dietitians. In a medical emergency, contact your local emergency services. Please report to admin any information found on this site that is plagiarized, copyrighted, or improperly cited/attributed so it can be removed or properly cited.


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